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All feathers are gathered in a humane fashion, they are left natural and untreated. We have a variety of colors and shapes from our exotic birds. You are sure to find something that will delight you!

Peacock Christmas Decorations

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What can we say? Peacocks are absolutely stunning! Homer started it all and with so many beautiful varieties, who can have just one? Homer is an emerald spalding peacock and we have a pair of whites that look heaven sent. We also have purple pieds, silver pieds, india blue pieds and our favorite yearling peacock "Buddy", Homer's baby, who gives kisses and is happy hanging out on our shoulders.

Our two yr. old pot bellied pig has the biggest fan club of everyone. He will gladly put on his show for treats! Loves it when kids rub his belly. He loves the attention and applause. "Leo" the performing pig!



Homer and the Gang





Our Top  picks....

Because all of our items are hand made or decorated, they are "one of a kind".

Our fascinators are designed by Cynthia exclusively for Homer and the Gang. Check out our exciting  fascinators for weddings! Our shoe clips are a unique way to make your personal statement. They can be worn to special occasions right down to the boudoir!

Beautiful, one of a kind feather creations!   Peacock Gifts and Accessories handmade in Bethel, NY...

What petting zoo would be complete without a pretty pony to brush and put bows and ribbons on? Avon is 29" high and Lolli is 36" with an attitude. He is however taught to use his mouth and teeth in positive ways! Curious?

Located in Beautiful Bethel NY, our farm has grown with each new rescued member. All having their unique talent; they are quite a joy to witness as they display their majestic beauty designed by their creator. Springtime is a special time with baby peacocks (peachicks), pheasants and silkies hatching.     

Come visit our peacock  "Homer" and the whole Gang by appointment from mid March thru mid November. All the animals can be hand fed.

More than a petting farm we present educational animal facts  in fun ways with visual aids

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