Party Time

                        $144.00 + 12.00 SH   

                             FH -006


   Timeless & Exquisite

$ 275.00 + 12.00 SH      

FH- 002


                        $295.00 + 12.00 SH   

                               FH -010

Peacocks & Poppys

$ 250.00 + 12.00 SH      

FH- 011

Blue  Fascinator with White Peacock feathers

Bridal tear drop fascinator with beaded embellishment

Bonnie Blue

Something Blue ~ Fancy blue fascinator for Bride , Bridal Party or anytime!

$275.00 + 12.00 SH

FH -008

White Lotus

Wonderful bridal fascinator with a feather lotus and beaded embellishments. tear drop sinamay base.

$340.00 + 12.00 SH

FH -007


Sliver Pheasant and Lady Amhurst Pheasant feathers define this classic look. The black veil finishes the look.

$340.00 + 12.00 SH

FH -006     SOLD Thank you


White peacock feathers surrounding a rose on a pink tulle background makes this the perfect Bridal  fascinator. Fastens with a barrett.

$60.00 + 8.00 SH

FB -002


Pretty peacock eye feathers, roses and bows make this mini top hat studious and sexy from all angles.

$330.00 + 12.00 SH

FH -005

The Gift

Pretty peacock and pheasant feathers rest upon teal ribbon and white peacock feathers as you float around the room. This fascinator is super easy to wear on a thin metal headband.

$133.00 + 10.00 SH

FH -005

Jeweled Green Band

    Green fascinator head band with a fiery green / blue gold tone charm and blue peacock feathers...wear anywhere!

$45.00 + 8.00 SH   /    FHB -003

SOLD Thank you

Festive Blue

Blue head band fascinator with white peacock and silkie feathers , a bit of glittering fabric give way to a festive attitude

$45.00 + 8.00 SH

FHB -002

Pea head band

Wonderfully designed headband fascinator with green peacock eye feathers and sword feather.

$45.00 + 8.00 SH

FHB -001

Heaven Sent

Round crystal accent hair pin surrounded by beautiful white peacock feathers come down to adorn the wearer on a special occasion. Perfect for the Bridal Party!

$42.00 + 8.00 SH

FB -001


Ready for anything with this hair fascinator sporting a calla lily accented with a blue swarovski cystal and peacock feathers.

$156.00 + 8.00 SH

F -001


This stylish fascinator hat is fit for a princess with a wine colored hat, matching mini roses and pale green crystal leaves. Sexy netting and dramatic pheasant feathers make this a classic look!

$340.00 + 12.00 SH

FH -004


All of our items are adorned with peacock and or pheasant feathers collected from our own birds on our farm. The feathers are gathered in  a humane fashion , left  natural and  untreated


Get this Victorian look with silver metallic silk fabric fashioned into with a silver chain tassel dripping from a purple bead. Silk hydrangea sport purple swarvoski crystals and white peacock flight feathers form a fan. so easy to wear on its thin metal headband

$340.00 + SH 12.00         FH-003


Beautifully designed feather flower with a silver and purple embellishment in the center, Pheasant feather  sticks with Swarovski crystals, finished off with a white peacock sword feather. Pure elegance

$340.00 + 12.00 SH

FH -002


Colorful sophistication has never been this fun! Peacock eye feathers and flight feathers accented with Swarovski crystals set atop a blue sparkle base

    $325.00 + SH 12.00

               FH - 001

Fabulous Fascinators...

Our Story
Who is Homer and how big is his gang? We are a farm in Bethel NY. It all started when we adopted /rescued “Homer”, a beautiful Emerald Spalding peacock. It wasn’t long before we knew that Homer needed a peahen. It was a happy day when Matilda arrived! Soon “Desdemona” a pretty, white peahen joined the “Gang” along with her mate, “Othello”. The rest is history.
All birds molt every year, peacocks and pheasants are not an exception. Soon we had so many splendid feathers of all colors and sizes; charmed and intrigued by the magnificent colors of the plumage of our peacocks and other exotic birds we fashioned the feathers we collected into fabulous stylish fascinators, “Designs by Cynthia” was launched. Cindy blocks the bases and our fascinators are all handmade on the farm. Because we hand craft each piece, we can personalize any item with any piece of jewelry or heirloom that is special to you, as well as the color, feather and material choices.

 Stunning fascinators for alloccasions!

 Choose from our inspirations... or have Cynthiacustom design and make a one of a kind hat fascinator especially for you. If you can imagine it...We can create it! Because each piece is hand sewn we can customize colors and fabrics to match any outfit! Decorated with organic peacock and pheasant feathers, and Swarovski Crystal Beads; beautiful! For custom orders please submit the "Custom Order Form" at time of purchase of basic design. Thank You

Fancy Feet....Peacock Shoe Clips

Beautiful peacock feathers make up these fancy clips, Strut your stuff, from the street to the boudoir!

$ 48.00 + 5.00 SH       SC- 001

          Small Headbands

May be custom made with your choice of feather & headband colors.

      For custom orders please submit the "Custom Order Form" at time of purchase. Thank You

                  $19.00 + 6.00 SH   


Fun Time


$75.00 + 8.00 SH   

   FH -004

Feather comb

$ 55.00 + 12.00 SH      

FH- 01

Spider Web

Elegant Gothic Style sets this fascinator in style of its own!

$ 300.00 + 12.00 SH      

FH- 016

Pretty in Purple

               $65.00 + 8.00 SH   

                     FHB -004

          Golden Girl

                        $325.00 + 12.00 SH   

                                   FH -009

Homer and the Gang


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