Homer and the Gang


These beautiful book marks serve as page keepers holding your place in your favorite book.

With feathers, beads, crystals and charms they make the perfect gift for the reader in your life!

Because each one is unique and handcrafted we can personalize any book mark with the colors and feathers of your choice!

Pink & Goldtone Page Keeper with white feathers

~~silver tone page keeper $25.00+SH4.99 PPK_007

~~Silver tone page keeper $25.00+SH4.99 PPK_006

~~Goldtone Multi XLong Page Keeper $25.00 + SH$4.99 PPK_005

~~Pink & Goldtone Page Keeper $25.00 + SH$4.99 PPK_003


Pretty Little Page Keeper...

Hold your thoughts with our heavenly page keeper, peacock themed book marks hand made on our farm in Bethel NY.  Charms, colorful beads and or Swarovski Crystal Beads attached to peacock  / pheasant feathers.
Comes in a black gift box.....$29.99

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